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We’re All Gonna Laugh At You: The Basics of Verbal Erotic Humiliation

Erotic Humiliation Over the Phone

Erotic humiliation is a psychological form of humiliation that creates sexual pleasure. This can be in both verbal and physical forms of humiliation by a dominant toward his or her submissive.

In real life relationships between dominants and their subs, a lot of time and discussion is dedicated to establishing boundaries and guidelines for each partner. At the core of any BDSM relationship is consent. Therefore, a clear understanding of limits and hard lines set to restrict things that one partner isn’t willing to do are extremely important.

Being a sex worker over the phone lends one to challenges that might not often be as prevalent as in person. For instance, you have someone’s words and breathing patterns to tell you what they like or dislike. The entire concept of watching physical signals is taken off the table. Furthermore, many clients who engage in phone sex will pick up their phone and jump right into a call with the woman of his choice, with the expectation that she will know what he is looking for.

The truth is, as a phone sex provider I have men like the one in the example above who want to be abused verbally and degraded. In extreme contrast, I know men who would rather die than ever have a woman humiliate him or bring into question the size of his penis being anything other than perfect. My suggestion to subs would be to contact a phone sex provider beforehand via chat or email (with a tribute attached) and give a heads up to her prior to connecting via phone. Otherwise, it’s sometimes a shot in the dark if your plan is to jump right into a role play or humiliation session without prior discussion. Great dommes will inquire as to what your limits are and what your preferences are. Some callers may view this as a woman “milking the clock,” but those dedicated to their job of bringing you pleasure need to know what you specifically are looking for when it comes to verbal humiliation. Like in all relationships, even your phone sex connections must be built on the willingness to openly communicate. 

Examples of Verbal Humiliation

Whether it’s during play, delivered as punishment, or given as a reward, verbal humiliation is the act of humiliating, shaming, and degrading a sexual submissive. To outsiders, this often sounds and seems cruel. However, with consent being at the forefront of each relationship, verbal humiliation brings pleasure. That being said, while some subs might be okay with being called a “slave” or “pig” others may be turned off by those particular terms.

Here are some examples of the types of language that can be explored in verbal humiliation. Consider what you find most sexy and turns you on for the next time you call a humiliatrix for some playtime.

Titles of belittlement – “boy,” “pet,” “slave,” “minion,” “servant,” etc.

Attacks on physical appearance – “fat,” “ugly,” “repulsive,” “grotesque,” “monstorous,” etc.

Emotional attacks – “worthless,” “pathetic,” “weak,” “dumb,” “useless,” etc.

Degrading names – “whore,” “slut,” “bitch,” “creep,” “perv,” “fag,” and racial or ethnic slurs relevant to the race-play fetish.

Small penis humiliation – “needle dick,” “boy clit,” “nubbin,” “teeny weeny,” “angry inch,” “baby dick,” “inch worm,” “one inch warrior,” “golf pencil dick,” “mushroom button,” etc.

Forced repetition – repeating words of worship and flattery directed to the dominant or repeating words of acknowledgment to one’s own status of inferiority such as reciting lines like, “I’m a pathetic loser who doesn’t deserve to touch my little prick” over and over again. 

Tones and phrases that deliver ridicule and mockery – using a tone of voice or words that deliver a fake sense of sincerity or a clear sense of not giving a fuck about the person’s feelings or mocking their feelings, such as, “awwwww, my poor little pet wants to cum so so so bad….don’t you? Awwww, that’s too bad.” 

Is Verbal Erotic Humiliation For You?

Verbal erotic humiliation is purely psychological. With no physical humiliating factors included, it can still be quite traumatizing if an individual is not truly ready for what is coming out of the mouth of their partner or if a particular word, phrase, or even tone of voice triggers negative feelings in the person the insults and shaming are directed at. A great thing about phone sex encounters is that if this particular fetish interests you, you can play around with it openly and honestly with any number of us women who offer verbal humiliation as a service. 

As we all know already, sexual fantasies and role plays are just that: fantasy and role play. They do not have to define us as people nor define our sexual personalities. We are allowed to experiment, develop, and have our interests and turn-ons change. Sexual gratification should be a release and escape from everyday life. This is why it is often powerful and successful men who live out their daily lives as being in control who are the most likely candidates for forms of erotic humiliation.

Is your interest piqued? Did I overlook any basics of verbal erotic humiliation that you think are vital to the kink? Reach out to me with your interests, your concerns, your questions, and get ready to be laughed at like the pervy little loser you were born to be!

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  1. Laura Freitas says:

    Hi there!

    So i recently met a guy and I found out that one of his fantasies is to be verbal humiliated to the point where he can cum. He likes all type of stuff. He likes to be spit on,to be used while he’s sleeping and he gets off when I tell him I’ll share the dick pics he sent me. Do u have any advice on more verbal insults I can use with him? I’m really pleased that I found someone as kinky as I am but I’m curious to know more about verbal humiliation

    1. Hey! Thanks for your comment. I’m so glad you found me! I’d LOVE to help you and can even pose your question to some of my clients who love this sort of thing if you’d be ok with that!

      If he enjoys being spit on, he probably likes some other brutal kinda stuff like name calling and maybe even some physical pain. **obviously discuss boundaries with him, though, as sometimes that fine line between kink and actually stumbling into territory that’s no longer sexy to the sub can be a blurry one** So, yea… explore chastity where you get total control of his cock at all times. Explore the idea of ball-busting, nipple clamps, etc. if he’s into physical humiliation. However, in terms of VERBAL…. calling him a loser, pathetic, teasing him telling him that you can’t wait to tell your friends all about how weak he is and how you’ll all laugh about him. The thought of you telling your friends that he’s a pathetic loser with a small dick will probably drive him wild. As role play, make up scenarios about being at lunch with your girlfriends and they were talking about their alpha men, and you told them all about what a beta bitch HE is, and how everyone was laughing and calling him names. Have you stroke his cock as you tell him about that kinda stuff…. or have him worship you by giving you a foot massage as you tell him…. whatever you’re more into. More than anything… major kudos to you for being so cool, kinky, and fun that you’re not running for the hills from a guy who needs something different. Feel free to email me anytime: <3

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