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Sports Fetishism

I’ve always been a physically active girl. My childhood, like most little girls, was filled with classes in skating and gymnastics. My early adolescence was filled with volleyball and soccer games. My high school years were filled with weekly dance lessons in ballet, hip-hop, and tap dancing. Once I left for college, I started exploring running, yoga, and even krav maga. I guess when one’s parents are told they’ve got a hyperactive little brat on their hands, they’ll do whatever it takes to focus that energy toward positive activities and honing one’s talents.

I’m sure we can all think of examples of some hottie professional athlete as the reason we think a particular sport or type of player is mouth-watering (I’ll bend it FOR Beckham ANY.DAMN.DAY). However, the truth is that there are some forms of activity that are just sexier than others due to the little details we notice that gets the heart pumping faster. Whether it’s the little butt taps that beach volleyball players give their partner,  the image of a girl’s ass as she’s cycling in front of you in spin class, or the trickles of sweat dripping down a toned stomach after an aerobic workout, there’s just something so fucking hot about a woman getting her fitness on.

Something I’ve noticed in recent years regarding fitness and sports is that they have their own followings in the kink community. Fetishes for yoga pants, stinky ballet shoes, or anything that happens in the boxing ring are all fair game for fantasy and pleasure. People in the BDSM or gay communities will consider this old news. Gay clubs hosting “Sportswear Fetish” nights where studly looking jocks don their wrestling singlets or football shoulder pads and jock straps are common in big cities. As a phone sex provider, I’ve participated in many sexy calls where sports are at the center of the fantasy. This led me to wonder what is so sexy about sports and athletes and how fitness plays into fetishism. 

For one, uniforms are highly sexualized and used for the purpose of fantasy role plays where you can sneak a peek of the bratty cheerleader’s panties or the secret object of your affection can’t hide his raging hard-on in those cycling shorts. There’s a reason that dressing as a soccer player or referee is so common for hot girls when it comes time to dress up for Halloween. The uniforms are often body conscious, tight and showing off curves in all the right places. A fit lifestyle promotes a healthy body and the awareness of someone who knows how his or her body moves and what it’s capable of. The movement, strength, power, and sweat involved in sports trigger a euphoric high that is comparable to sex. Whether you’re performing the actions or just an onlooker receiving the endorphins second-hand, the excitement and adrenaline associated with working out can be a huge turn on.

Ready, Set, Go

What do you think is sexy about sports or fitness? Do you want to try a sexy, sweaty session on the phone where we play out a scenario filled with sporty kinks?

Here are some role play ideas to get you started on your next phone sex call with me or your other favorite flirts:

  • I’m the new girl on the volleyball team and as the coach, you’ve got to teach me to perfectly learn how to play with your balls.
  • I’m the bitchy cheerleading captain and you’re the pervert who comes to all the football games. I’m gonna sneak you into the boys’ locker room and have them teach you a lesson for looking up the skirts of all us teen girls, as I taunt you and laugh.
  • You’re the sexy boxer defending my honor against all these losers who are constantly trying to get into my panties. Show them how a true champ handles a hot little slut like me!
  • As my boyfriend, you’re super jealous that I am interviewing an NBA team after their game. You know that once I see all that BBC in one room, I’ll never be able to take your little pathetic dick seriously again.
  • My gymnastics squad has an away match and the coach booked me to share a room with my nemesis! I’d much rather spend the weekend in her daddy’s hotel room than sharing a room with that bitch!

Not sure if you’re ready to jump into a call just yet? Try out this fetish by listening to some of my erotic mp3s on the subject to see if you’re game!

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