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People who never pay the sex workers they get their pleasure from often have difficulty understanding why anyone would spend money on things that are easily found for free on the Internet. I understand this mentality and am guilty of it myself. Once upon a time, I too wondered why anyone pays for porn or hires women to sleep with them when both of those things are available for free.

The Internet is inundated with adult entertainment at little to no cost. Everything is out there from free porn video sites, chat messaging with other adults also looking for a good time, or amateur girls letting some stranger “cumtribute” her on social media. If you want to cum tonight, you can probably find something to help you along your way without much difficulty and without taking out your credit card.

You might be wondering, “Why would a sex worker be telling us all that we can get what she sells somewhere else for free?” Well, if you’re asking yourself that, you’ve jumped to a conclusion that I do not and will not present to you. In contrast, every single “free” aspect of adult entertainment still comes at a cost.

I’m making a case for why choosing a professional is the best solution to feeding your sexual hunger.

Why Paying for Pleasure is Worth Every Penny

Private dancers, escorts, phone sex flirts, cam girls, professional mistresses, and adult movie actors are all umbrellaed under the greater term of “sex worker.” Meaning, we are the people who provide you pleasure and get paid for it. We each offer a varied aspect of sexual gratification outside of your public life.

We are your escape. We are your dirty little secrets. We are your answer to adding spice to your relationship. We are your companions when you’re lonely and in need. We are all of that and so much more. 

For men and women around the world, the company of a sex worker can provide positive benefits such as a boost in self-esteem, the ability to explore sexuality, acceptance of what gets you off, lack of shame for what gets you off, a safe and disease free sexual encounter, a trusted ally, a discreet alternative to random hookups that might put existing relationships on the line, and the quality assurance that you are well taken care of.

Consider a night out at a bar with friends. You’re flirting with a group of women, maybe even generous enough to buy them drinks, enjoying one another’s company. On the exterior, you might appear confident, but inside you’re wondering, “Is this girl gonna be cool with a casual hook up?” “Will this night be worth the possibility of my wife finding out?” “Is she gonna blow me or blow me off?” or “How much have I spent already without the promise of what I’m looking for?

In no way am I suggesting that a casual encounter at a bar is always the result of a man expecting to get laid. Nor am I suggesting that a woman owes a man anything simply because he’s given her attention and bought her drinks all night. What I *am* suggesting is, for those individuals who are very clear in his needs and wants – to get off and have a fucking incredible time – his time and money are better spent on paid adult companionship. 

A night spent with an escort, prostitute, or yes, even a phone sex provider, can give you all the things the type of man in my hypothetical scenario seeks, be it conversation or sex at the end of the night. You get to cherry pick the attributes of your date (love brunettes? big tits? long legs? transexuals? etc.). You also get to be a little selfish and a lot honest about what you’re looking for because you’re straight up paying for it. A girl in a bar may be feeding your ego; but, a professional sex worker can stroke your ego and your cock in ways that the amateur on her girls’ night out couldn’t dream of. The only real difference is that in an exchange with a sex worker, you’re giving her an envelope with cash at the beginning of the night or you’re depositing money into her bank account as the minutes tick away. What you get in return after all your money is spent, is that you know for certain you’ll get to bust a nut without fear of attachment, jealousy, drama, or embarrassment. As your tab rings up at the bar, you don’t get any of those guarantees.

No one is going to argue that it’s hot as fuck if your girlfriend gives you sensual lap dance and striptease. Nor will I say that you don’t have a smoking hot wife if she’s having phone sex with you while you’re away on business trips. However, it seems the majority of men who seek out pay-for-pleasure services do so because they are with a partner who doesn’t fully satisfy in the bedroom. Many individuals who seek out the company of sex workers do so because they are ashamed of their kink and curiosity or in need of someone to help combat loneliness. As I said above, we are capable of all this and more. 

The Great Porn Debate

If I were a pessimist I’d argue that my most recent Twitter poll demonstrates 1 of 2 things: people don’t read carefully or they are goddamn liars!

I asked what everyone’s favorite “pay-for-pleasure” adult service is. “Porn films” came in first place with nearly half of the votes! Statistics show that a very small percentage of porn consumers are willing to pay for it. However, the positive angel on my cute little shoulder reminded me that so many sex-industry supporters and consumers follow me on Twitter. This makes it entirely possible that the results were based on votes by people who clearly understood they were being asked what they would be most willing to spend their money on.

Yes, free porn is ALL.OVER.THE.INTERNET. We’ve all gotten off to edited down clips or pirated copies of films so that we don’t need to spend a dollar. I find it’s important when talking about the value of paid sex workers that I also acknowledge the value that porn consumers bring to the industry by paying for their entertainment.

Like it or not, the people in the movies are real people with real lives. They need to pay rent, feed their families, and afford their basic needs in life. Sending the message that their work is not worth your money, yet worth getting your dick off, lowers the value of not only the quality of films but the amount that performers are compensated.

If you’re asking yourself, “Why should I care?” I’ll gladly tell you!  It’s the ethical thing to do. Where exactly do ethics fit into porn and the sex industry? The abbreviated answer is: it fits in everywhere. Production companies who do not make money on their films will suffer in wages, quality, and treatment of performers.

You SHOULD want the men and women in the videos that entertain you nearly every day (sometimes much more than once a day) to be paid a fair wage and be offered a safe and clean environment to work. You SHOULD want production companies and filmmakers to be held to high industry standards. You SHOULD want to know that the actors in a film are there by choice and not due to being trafficked, manipulated, or coerced into doing so much for so little.

I understand that young people or individuals who don’t make a lot of money may not have the ability to realistically pay for porn every day. However, I also believe that adult entertainment is a PERK, not a RIGHT. For instance, as a girl who works in phone sex, my rate is $3.99 a minute. Either you can afford it and you pay, or you can’t afford it and you’re just as out of luck as I am that I can’t, as a college student, deck myself out in Burberry. 

The bottom line is this: pay for your porn, respect the industry, and never expect an amateur on the internet or random girl #2 in a club to give you what your body, mind, and soul can only receive from women dedicated to creating pleasure for a living.

One of us hotties on NiteFlirt are going to milk your dick with dirty talk and also challenge your mind with great conversation, laughs, and all the best things about building a relationship with someone you can be 100% uninhibited with. For free, the best you can hope for is some girl on Twitter to send you a couple late-night bedroom selfies, half-assed attention, and an inevitable “block.” That’s cool if you’re broke, but if you’ve got spending money to give yourself what you need and deserve, investing in sex workers will pay off in all the pleasure you receive that’s been catered specifically to you.

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