Arched Soles & Pretty Little Toes: Exploring the Foot Fetish

The World’s Most Popular Fetish

Earlier this month I put up a Twitter Poll asking when people thought a woman’s feet were at their sexiest. Much to my delight, my personal favorite answer, “while wearing stilettos” won the poll, coming in at 34% of the vote.

I’m always interested in the various fetishes I get calls about that are more outrageous and less popularly known. However, I wanted to take a moment to appreciate the most widely held fetish of all: the foot fetish. Feet are the most popular object of fetishism in the United States and around the world. The more I’ve learned about kink, the more I’ve come to discover that my initial understanding of this sexual desire was from a naive and “vanilla” perspective. In my own experience, a sensual foot massage, some light toe sucking, and sexy shoe adoration seemed entirely easy to understand. What came to surprise me, though, were the many ways that feet cause sexual arousal.

What Makes Feet so Fabulous?

It’s easy to understand how someone might find a cute, petite pair of feet on a pretty girl to be a turn on. However, when it comes to podophilia, more commonly known as a foot fetish, feet are a turn-on in many different forms and on a variety of people. Something I’ve learned from my clients who are partial to the lower extremities, is that stinky feet are as big (or bigger) a turn on than clean feet. Apparently painted toes, while appreciated and adored, isn’t necessary, and chubby or large feet can be just as sexy to someone with a foot fetish than smaller and more slender alternatives.

Our feet might be bare and on display or covered up in sandals, socks, boots, sneakers, or heels. Whatever the case, someone out there will find them beautiful and have plenty of reason to worship them. Whether it’s the size, shape, smell, feel, or look of them, an infatuation with feet stems from peaking so many of our senses that cause arousal. More so than any other body part, feet can be used for ALL of these purposes:

  • a sensual massage
  • licking, kissing, sucking, and biting
  • the visual appeal of being nude or dressed
  • manicured or adorned with jewelry that arouses the visual senses
  • the gentle sensation of caressing and playful tickling
  • domination and foot worship relationships between dommes/doms and their subs
  • sexual stimulation from footjobs and toeing (more on this later…)
  • humiliation and pain fetishes such as trampling (again, more on this later…)

It doesn’t matter if you’re a budding foot enthusiast or you’re a pathetic foot slave because there’s enough variety in this sexual fetish that you can be as tame and mild or outrageous and wild as needed!


Satisfying a Partner’s Foot Fetish

I’ve never, to my knowledge, dated a guy with a full-blown fetish for feet; however, I have been given my fair share of foot massages and even been surprised with the occasional toe sucking that transported a regular orgasm to heights I hadn’t ever quite experienced before.

In thinking about this topic, I asked a few of my friends what they thought about and would do if a partner 1) started sucking their toes without warning, 2) told her he had a thing for feet and toes, and 3) dictated the type of footwear she would wear that would cause him sexual arousal. Nearly all of my friends’ reactions were the same in terms of being totally down for a guy sucking their toes during a heated fuck-session. However, fewer of them were down for a boyfriend who outright tells her he’s turned on by feet, and I got full-fledged “hell-to-the-no” all around when it came to a guy telling us what types of shoes to wear just cause they get a hard-on for it.

I challenged the judgment I started to sense from my girls, asking them, “how’s it different than a guy who considers himself a ‘booty’ or ‘tit’ guy?” The general response was that there’s something “creepy” about foot fetishes because it’s less conventional and weird. I then posed, “so you’re cool with your toes being sucked cause it feels good to YOU, but you’re not cool with a guy being upfront saying he’d like to suck your toes cause it turns HIM on?” I have to say, I lost a few of them here, but one of my BFFs was all ears, and we had a great conversation about kink shaming and, if we shame someone’s fetish for feet – the most common fetish in the world that people openly admit to and talk about – how the fuck can partners approach one another about more taboo shit that makes them cum?

Look, I’m no expert when it comes to feet; however, I am a champion of celebrating what gets you off, whether it’s something that makes sense to me or not! If I have a client or a boyfriend who wants to play with my feet, I think it’s my responsibility to be open-minded enough to entertain and explore. If it’s something that turns me off or makes me feel uncomfortable, I’d want him to go elsewhere to satisfy that particular need. However, even if it’s not my “thing,” I get turned on by turning a man on, and if that means he can pick out which stilettos I wear on our date or it means that at the end of the day he wants to massage and tickle my feet and tell me how pretty they are, I’m going to let him do it!

As for my friends, I think as young women we often turn to default-mode of being judgmental about things we don’t yet understand. Being a phone sex provider has allowed me to talk to and share sexual experiences with men much, much older and much, much, MUCH more experienced than me. I believe that once we interact with people who have different sexual interests, we tend to become more open-minded. I mean… when I was 18 and just starting in this business I didn’t know I’d become a bonafide home wrecker, and look at me now! I have hope that at least one of my “never-ever” foot fetish girlfriends will have a guy sniffing and licking her sexy soles someday in the future.

Foot Fetish and the Power Dynamic

We’ve all heard the idioms “kiss my feet,” “beg at my feet,” and “being walked all over.” All of these uses stem from ancient days when servants, slaves, or lowly people of the household were meant to show adoration and worship to their superiors. These phrases were played out by having to wash a master’s feet, kiss one’s shoes to beg for forgiveness or mercy, or paying homage to someone of royalty or in another position of authority far above them. Every scenario in which these phrases originate are those of humility and/or humiliation. Humility in that the submissive knows his or her place is less than their superior; humiliation in that the superior demonstrates his or her power through disgracing or shaming the submissive.

It’s no wonder that these same idioms are used in BDSM play by masters and mistresses with their little pets.

While foot play can be arousing for couples who consider themselves equals, it’s a tool used to humiliate and show an obedient and docile sub where they belong. As the bratty, spoiled, sexy queen I know I am, when an inferior guy wants to play, what better way to show him how beneath me he is than to have him licking my boots and sucking on the heels, followed by my perfect feet being rubbed all over his face as I laugh at him?

There are so many possibilities to use feet as a tool to demonstrate power. From having a guy suck and deep throat your foot as best he can, to a phenomenon called “toeing,” where, much like “fingering,” the toes or foot are used for insertion and penetration. Then, there’s “trampling,” which is when a domme will stand, walk, or even jump on the face, body, or genitals of their sub. Trampling causes pain and pleasure as the sub, well, submits. It’s just as common for trampling to be performed barefoot or in socks or stockings as it is to be done in heels, which would of course cause more extreme pain. The chest and back can endure this pain most easily, while a man’s balls or his neck would cause the most extreme form of humiliation, pain, and be performed only by the most experienced mistress whose submissive is compliant and aware of the dangers of transitioning from more traditional foot worship to a place of extreme pain and degradation under the umbrella of a foot fetish.

Playing with a Foot Fetish in a Phone Sex Call

Over the last couple of months, my client base has taken a shift of sorts, where more and more men are contacting me for worship sessions than ever before. With these particular callers, I love to play around with ways in which they would be my good little pet and wash and clean my feet. I’ve walked men through how to deep throat my slender, size 6.5 feet and how, after I get back from a run, I would rub my stinky socks all over his face, then stuff the socks into his mouth as I rub my feet all over his face and laugh.

Foot play role-playing with subs is super fun and gives me the opportunity to show my bratty, deviant,  and dominant side. However, I also have a huge client base of girlfriend experience callers who might also benefit from a little foot play. For these guys, I love to do some of my own worshiping, showing them all the ways their cocks will twitch and explode thanks to my hot little body. That’s why, walking a guy through sucking my toes as he watches me play with my cute, pink clit, followed by my feet dragging down his chest and wrapping the arch of my soles around his hard cock drives him crazy! Giving a sensual and sexy footjob is something I love to play with and explore as a man strokes his dick for me.

How do you see foot fetishism playing into one of our phone sex calls? Do you have any insights into the fetish or are you intrigued to know more and incorporate foot play into your real or virtual sexual encounters?

I’d love to know your thoughts! Send me comments, messages, and pick up the phone and call your favorite flirt for a hot footjob role play or goddess worship session to see how our ankles, soles, and toes are gonna develop fantasies just for you!

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