A Gentleman’s Guide to NiteFlirt Chat

A New Way to Flirt just maximized the way callers can communicate with flirts by adding a chat feature to their services. After a few days of utilizing the chat, which is currently in it’s beta testing phase, I have some observations and items for discussion that I thought could best be outlined here on my blog!

Just to be clear: NiteFlirt is a platform for us independent phone sex providers to list our services. How I run my business may differ from how another girl you interact with runs hers. This is important because, just like with calls and emails, each of us flirts have the privilege of setting our own “rules” and boundaries and prices. If my set of boundaries don’t work for you, maybe another girl is a better fit! Just as in dealing with various fetishes and specialties on the phone, if I can’t or am not willing to give you, the client, what you’re looking for, you have complete freedom to find someone who will. No hurt feelings! In turn, if I find that my  reasonable expectations in terms of chat etiquette are violated, just as with on the phone, I will have the freedom to turn away that client’s business.

We all want to have fun and try new, exciting ways to interact, and NiteFlirt chat offers just that! I do not speak on behalf on every flirt; however, if you happen to be a flirt who agrees with what I’ve laid out here, please feel free to share my blog post with your clients!

As for you guys who may need to learn more before giving it a try, who are curious, or who have already attempted some chat connections with me or other girls, I hope to provide you with ideas for engaging in flirtatious texting with NiteFlirt’s best, while equipping you with knowledge of what you should expect and not expect to experience in a chat session with yours truly!

What Exactly Does the Chat Feature Offer?

NiteFlirt has introduced the chat feature as a way to text or even “sext” with flirts during timesyou don’t have a chance to connect on the phone, are not alone, or are otherwise distracted. Just as with text messaging, the chat service is a back and forth discussion between you and the flirt you send a message to. Also like texts, you can have simultaneous conversations going with multiple flirts at once. This allows you to get a feel for the personality, chemistry, or overall interest in a girl you might explore a fantasy discussion, role play call, girlfriend experience relationship, or financial arrangement with now or in the future.

The chat feature differs from text in that you must be in the NiteFlirt web browser (either on your computer or smartphone). This means the “text” won’t go to your phone directly, though an alert notification that you have a message returned to you from a flirt can be turned on and off at your discretion.

Like our regular phone and cam listings on the site, you can search the “chat” tab to see which girls are accepting chat messages. Choose a girl, send a chat, and wait for her to reply. When the flirt replies, you pay $.69. If you do not receive a reply within 24 hours, you are charged nothing. This back and forth exchange is called a “volley.” Each volley (or set of the last text sent by you with a response from the flirt) will be an additional $.69.

What’s the Proper Etiquette for Chatting?

Here is an example of what the start of a chat session SHOULD try to emulate:

As you can see, it’s best to keep your messages limited and to the point. As in your every day life, it’s proper texting etiquette not to bombard the person you’re messaging with huge paragraphs worth of questions and requests all at once. The same manners should be applied to chatting on NiteFlirt! Understand that if you are going to send extended messages, it would be best to send the flirt you’re contacting an email with a fair payment to compensate the time it will take her to read and answer your multiple inquiries.

If you value my time, I will promise you quality…

A tip for how to compensate a flirt’s time properly is to consider the following options:

  • Take the flirt’s rate per minute and estimate her time spent in replying to a long story you want her to read or a huge list of questions you want answers to. For example, my primary phone rate is $2.19 a minute. If you have a short fantasy story you’ve written that you want feedback on, imagine this will take me 10 minutes to read and reply to. As a sign of respect, a $20.00 payment is greatly appreciated and will ensure that I will carefully read and thoughtfully reply to that message.
  • You can make an attempt to get feedback from a girl who doesn’t have this expectation of respect and who will likely offer a lower quality service to you as a result.
  • Another option is that you could just accept that you won’t hear back from me about long inquiries until you pick up the phone and give me a call!
  • In utilizing chat, you can engage in a back and forth discussion where you break down the fantasy into smaller parts, waiting for a reply from me, and having a meaningful and fully engaged discussion via this new “texting” chat option.
This is what your chat session should NOT look like:

The above example indicates a couple of faux pas. The first is that there are far too many questions and requests that it would be rude to expect any flirt to answer them all for only $.69! The second faux pas? It’s also rude to send dick pics or any images of any kind without properly compensating a flirt to look at them. This is simply a gentlemanly act out of respect for our time and what it is worth. Perhaps you’ll find some girls willing to look at and comment on your multiple dick pics or mirror selfies. Many quality girls, though, are going to expect that you understand this chat feature is not designed to work around spending money by blowing your load all at once for under a dollar.

Both phone sex and sexting with intelligent, creative, desirable, and beautiful top-tier girls isn’t a right owed to every man; it’s a luxury enjoyed by men who can be gentleman (when necessary) and who can afford it (literally)!

When in doubt, simply initiate a chat or send a message to ask the flirt you’re contacting what she expects in terms of compensation for dick (or other) pics and reading stories or other long messages you might send through chat. Also, lay out your own expectations so that you can see if the girl is a good fit for you! There’s no shame in asking questions and in both you (the client) and me (the provider) being explicitly clear about what we want out of each feature offered on NiteFlirt, whether it’s phone calls, picture sharing, story swaps, email exchanges, or chatting back and forth.

Why & When Should You Initiate a Chat?

Here are some suggestions for WHY you should chat with me:
  • you’ve never called me, but have been meaning to try me out
  • you’ve been wanting to call me, but I’m never available when you are
  • you want to set up a time for a phone call
  • you want to inquire about a custom audio or have questions about existing goodies that I offer
  • you want to say a quick hello to introduce yourself or check in because you miss me
  • you want to text back and forth for hours like you would with a friend about almost anything
  • you’re feeling horny and in need of being teased by a sexy, flirtatious girl
Here are some Ideas for WHEN to Initiate a Chat Session with Me:
  • you’re feeling horny, playful, flirtatious, or just in need of someone to talk
  • you’re in traffic, waiting for an appointment, or just bored
  • you are inspired with a fantasy or role play idea that you don’t want to forget for one of our future calls or discussions
  • you see or hear something sexy that makes you think of me
  • you’re laying in bed next to your wife or girlfriend and want to talk dirty without getting out of bed
  • you’re out to dinner on a date or with the family and feeling devious
  • you’re on vacation but can’t fucking stand being away from me for so long
  • you’re in a meeting or presentation at work and would rather be talking to me than paying attention
  • you’re at work anytime throughout the day
  • you’re doing dumb weekend activities your wife or girlfriend force upon you
  • you want to feel deviant or as though you have a dirty little secret (me!)
  • morning, noon, and night when you are (inevitably) thinking of me

Does the Chat Feature Replace Phone Sex?


Chatting differs from phone sex in that I look at it as a form of foreplay and build up rather than something to outright shoot your load to. The idea, as far as I interpret, is that it’s an added opportunity to make connections to us girls more frequently than ever before. You gain access to any flirt who engages in text at almost any time of day or night, so long as she is able to access her messages. It’s naughty and flirty and will make your dick ache! You’ll be even more addicted to stroking your dick for us by gaining this immediate level of interaction that’s been missing up till now.

I don’t think chat can ever be a replacement for our phone calls. Rather, it’s an added layer ofsensuality, eroticism, and intimacy that will make all our experiences with one another stronger and more satisfying than ever before. Also, in its most simple sense, NiteFlirt’s chat feature allows you to inquire about call availability, custom orders, and what a girl does or does not offer more easily than ever before!

Does this mean you can never cum over a chat session? Of course not! I love making you cum and I plan to do so many times! It’s just not a replacement or way to work the system. However, I know a majority of my callers are already incredibly thoughtful gentleman, so maybe this blog is futile. Whatever the case, try out NiteFlirt’s new chat service and see if you can add a little bit of variety to the cycle of flirting, and sharing, and cumming that we so often share!

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