Summer Musings: Day Dreaming & Night Swimming

A Summer to Remember

Mid to late summer tends to be a time for a lot of celebrations in my little corner of the world. Tons of my friends are having birthday parties or barbecues and we’re all beginning to accept the reality that “back to school” time is around the corner.

The hot and humid weather calls for us girls to be rocking our tight daisy dukes, flirty mini-skirts, strapless tube tops, or sexy little rompers. Under each outfit or buried in the bottom of our bags are teeny, tiny, little bikinis. We’ve got to be ready at a moment’s notice for a fun-filled day at the beach or a lazy day by the pool. 

Basically, my summer has been a 3-month long vacation of relaxation, restoration, and recreation. Now, as I find myself nearing the end of the season, I’m reflecting on the amazing times spent with friends, the flirty and playful shenanigans I’ve gotten myself into, and of course, the many, many men I’ve fucked around with all summer long. No way could I ever keep count of the amount of loads that have been blown for me this summer, but I’ve coaxed big, yummy cum loads out of men over the phone and in person all summer long. 

While my NiteFlirt hours have slightly suffered due to having way too much fun, I’m leaving behind some adventures in debauchery that will be difficult to top next year. In looking forward to connecting with so many of my hot, horny callers, I’m glad that I’ll have plenty of stories to tell that will (hopefully) make up for some of my absence from June through August. 

Day Dreaming Darling

As a smoking hot little tease whose panties can never seem to stay dry, I have spent many days of the last several months outside, lounging by the pool in my backyard, fantasizing about things that seem to make my fingers find their way down to my little wet pussy. Stretched out in a lounge chair, adorned in a tight string bikini, over and over again I’d find myself hoping someone was watching me.

Some days my day dreams would conjure up fantasies about a neighbor peeking over the fence. Other times, my imagination would lead me to wonder what the landscaper or maintenance man would do if I untied my little triangle top and let it fall to the ground. I’d even imagine that the friend my brother invited over for the afternoon or the co-worker who stopped by to work on a project with my dad would be peering out a window, catching a glimpse of me. Seeing me laying there, my skin glowing from being kissed by the sun, would create an insatiable desire that would make him have to pull out his dick and stroke. While I know my phone sex escapades and dirty little date nights all end in a messy release of jizz, it’s the nuts that I’ve yet to have you bust for me that most kept my dirty mind craving cock each day.

Oftentimes, as I lay there, glistening bronze and smelling of a mix of coconut and hibiscus, my mind would explore the sexy possibilities of summer. Out in the open, visible to prying eyes, my hands would massage the suntan lotion into my legs, up my thighs, and against my perfectly flat little tummy. Falling right above the waistband of my bikini bottoms, my fingers would tickle my skin, sending a chill and warmth simultaneously through me. I’d let them linger for a while there, feeling the hot sun against my body, and before my mind could catch up to what my hands were doing, I’d feel the smooth, silkiness of my sweet bald pussy lips and begin to spread them open. I came like this outside so many times this summer, twirling my clit beneath my finger, lost in a trance and feeling fucking fabulous.

Some of these daydreams would be just that, playful scenarios conjured up by my horny imagination. Other daydreams would be my wicked little plans for whichever man I currently had my sights set on and planned to see later that week or night. Truth be told, my naughty summer reveries not only encouraged me in escalating my home wrecking skills, they also offered some spectacular new ideas for role plays for future calls you might be lucky enough to be a part of.

Skinny Dipping Under the Stars

There’s only one thing better than a lazy summer day by the pool: a sexy summer night looking up at the stars and floating in the water. Preferably with a handsome partner in crime.

This summer my friends and I spent a generous amount of our nights drinking and laughing under the night sky. Living near the beach lends itself to, on a dare or sexy whim, strip down and take a swim naked in the ocean or pool. There’s something so fucking sensual about nighttime swimming. The darkness creates mystery and sometimes a sense of danger that instantly makes you feel naughtier than if you were doing the same things in the light of day. Hands can find their way onto one another, exploring one’s most intimate parts without the rest of your friends ever knowing that something racy is happening beneath the surface of the water. 

One of my favorite things to do is make out among the twinkle of midnight reflecting the water and the slow crashing sounds of the sea in our ears.  The thought of your fingers getting tangled in my wet hair, and my hand finding your cock, pulling you inside me, feeling that transition of your nakedness erect in the ocean to that warm tightness of my pussy that offers an even more mind-blowing wetness around the thickness of your shaft.

If you’ve never fucked in the ocean, it’s time for you to find a tempting little siren to lure you out into the depths of the water and have her way with you. Reach out to me, and I’ll tease you with my own personal night swimming exploits of the summer. I’ll evoke my inner mermaid and create a unique summertime skinny dipping story just for you, and if you’re up for it we can role play the nastiest of under-the-sea fables that would even make Poseidon blush.

Make Me Your Muse

Have any of my summer musings inspired some thoughts that you think will arouse me?

I’d love to hear your ideas for role plays that involve some perversion as we’re exposed to either the daytime sun or nighttime sky. Let me know your RyderDoll inspired summer fairy tales, and I’ll put together a narrative for an incredible custom audio, mp3 goody bag, or special one-on-one phone time just for you!

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