Like It Rough

Full disclosure: I fucking love rough sex.

Chances are, if you’re reading this you already knew that. If not? It’s time to get on board, because this isn’t the time or place to be gentle, sweet, and romantic. As I continue to get older and more experimental during sex, both on the phone and in real life, the more I want to be thrown around, spanked hard, choked, and torn apart. Basically, what I want is to be hate-fucked, and if you can’t handle me, step aside and leave room for a man who can.

Romantics Need Not Apply

As a young woman I can accurately attest to how society tries to drill romance into the minds of females. Whether it’s romantic films or sappy love songs or the general consensus that the standard of a relationship equals monogamy between two people in “love,” this is what girls are fed throughout our lives. The idea of sex becomes synonymous with romance in the eyes of young girls as we grow up into a reality that does not reflect these pre-conceived notions. We are raised with stories that perpetuate Prince Charming sweeping us off our feet. This is in constant opposition once we hit puberty and our hormones go wild. We quickly discover that the realities of our sexual relationships demonstrate that sex is far less a romantic comedy or fairytale and far more a raunchy porn scene.

I don’t believe things need to be tender and enchanting in order to be romantic and sexy. What makes me most wet is when a man doesn’t have manners in the bedroom. I don’t want my sexual partners to be well-behaved. I want any guy I fuck to be aggressive, unrefined, and offensive when he gets his hands on me. Everything from the way he touches me to the way he talks to me while we’re fucking should show me that he’s in charge. A dominant man who fucks me hard and rough will strip away all element of control from me, having his way with my hot little body in any way he sees fit.

Let me be clear, though, that the type of sex I’m talking about here is consensual, with each partner trusting one another and understanding limits that aren’t to be crossed. I’m also not claiming that “making love” or certain levels of intimacy that go along with that aren’t desirable to some people. I’m just saying that to me at this point in time in my life, as a young, single girl just looking for fun, I don’t have any interest in “love” or sweetness. I want it hard, rough, and dirty.

I would also argue that there are plenty of opportunities for intimacy that hard, rough, and dirty fuck sessions can deliver. When the sex is brutal and violent and hardcore, you can still connect with your partner on many levels. When raw, animalistic emotions are released, we oftentimes find ourselves at our must vulnerable. This vulnerability invites a willingness to accept intimacy. The walls we build around us often shield away our truest selves, even during more sensitive moments. Yet, after a good hate-fuck, you’ve released the highest levels of anger, frustration, and stress that your mind and body have been aching to get rid of. A super crazy, hardcore fuck can feel like shedding a skin that allows you to show your true self. This obviously isn’t always the case though, because sometimes fucking is just that. It’s just disconnected, brutal sex with no emotion involved, simply an outlet for aggression and a means to get off. Other times, violent sex can lead to feelings of shame, embarrassment, or regret. Like all things, it depends on the people involved, their level of trust in one another, and how much of the pain of taking or giving it rough you can actually handle.

Simply put, just because two people engage in rough sex doesn’t mean they can’t be intimate or care for each other. Liking it rough comes down to preference in level of stimulation and your body’s ability to receive pain. Some of our pain thresholds and ability to link pain to feelings of ecstasy are different than others.  The phrase, “hurts so good” sums up why rough sex works for me. Like so many people, both my mind and my body respond positively to certain intensities of pain. The pain associated with rough sex brings more pleasure to me than any amount of tenderness that soft, sensual, and slow stimulation could ever deliver.

What Is Hate Fucking?

We’ve all had someone who has gotten under our skin, for one reason or another.  We are so disgusted by that person, despise them so much, and downright fucking loathe them with our entire being. We’ve also all probably had that instance where we wake up panting heavily from a wet dream this person happened to show up in or even found ourselves in an extended daydream, fantasizing about how taking out all that pent up aggression toward this individual would result in the greatest release our body ever felt.

The concept of hate fucking comes from the idea that you are attracted to and wildly turned on by someone who you personally can’t stand. While you hate this individual greatly, the high level of physical attraction paired with these extreme negative emotions brings out the most brutal side of you when you are finally able to unleash that pent up hate. To hate fuck someone is to physically want to rip them to shreds and verbally humiliate or degrade the person into submission. You hate someone so terribly that they are the greatest fuck of all time for you; the level of sadism you can inflict on this individual far outweighs any care for their feelings or well-being. Without the chains of being civilized holding us back, we can fucking ruin each other. The more it hurts, the greater the satisfaction once it’s all over.

Even so, while hate fucking was originally coined to refer to nemeses going at each other with all their built up aggressions, the concept of a good hate-fuck isn’t reserved to enemies. Couples who love one another can fuck each other like this after a fight, and friends with intense physical chemistry can hate fuck one another just to release the stress of a hard day. Whether you’re strangers, lovers, best friends, or adversaries, you can hate fuck each other all you want. When it comes to hate fucking, whether you slam the door in the person’s face minutes after you shoot your load or you end the night cuddled up in each other’s arms, it can be an equally euphoric experience.

This Is How I Like It

When I have sex on the level of a hate fuck, I want to have a man’s hands around my neck, squeezing, as he presses my body down, holding me there as he grinds into me from behind.  I want to be told what a fucking worthless slut I am as a man slaps my face, slamming his cock into me so forcefully I can’t hold back my screams. Rough sex pushes me right to the brink where I am being hurt so bad that my pussy juices are dripping out of me, and I’m literally begging you to fill me up. I want you to make me beg you to hurt me; I want to be told that I’m a little fuck toy who was made just to jerk off your cock; I want you to spank, slap, squeeze, and gag me till tears are coming out of my eyes and my body is left with marks that are going to bruise, showing off how you own me.

Whether it’s in person or through a hot, addictive phone sex call, I want a man who knows how to handle my body, keeping me turned on and wanting more with every move he makes.

You should know how to use my tight holes up and make me your cum whore and also know how to keep working my pussy hard, making my body shake uncontrollably with orgasm after orgasm all night long. The perfect night of rough sex would end with you and I collapsing onto one another, laying in our own mess of sweat and cum, our chests rising and falling as our hearts are practically beating out of our bodies. The perfect night of a rough, hardcore, hate fuck results in feeling an addiction you don’t want to let go and a craving to push one another’s bodies even further next time. When you find a partner or fuck buddy who can make your fuck sessions feel like you might destroy one another at any moment, yet end with you laying in one another’s arms, you’ve hit fucking gold!

For me personally, my rough sex partners should share in trust, mutual respect, admiration, and adoration as well as a desire for less conventional, standard forms of sex. From talking dirty to scratching, biting, and feeling like you could break one another in half, rough sex allows your mind and body to find that sweet spot on the scale of pleasure versus pain.

If you haven’t fucked hard for a while or need to take out some pent up stress, anger, or aggression, make sure you hit me up for an incredible rough phone sex session. Your body will feel amazing with every single hate fueled thrust that leads to the type of release that slow, sensual, tender love sessions just can’t deliver.

Give me a call so we can get in a much needed hate-fuck, and while you’re at it, check out my latest appearance on The Rob & Slim Show where I discuss my love for rough sex and engage in an intensely hot, hate-fueled role play session just like you can get with me once you reach me on the phone!



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