When We Feel Fireworks

We’ve all felt those moments of instant fireworks.

For example, when your eyes meet a complete stranger’s eyes across a room, and you get that sensation of nervousness mixed with arousal, envisioning all the naughtiest of ways the two of you could spend the rest of the day and night together. The same emotional reaction can come from someone you’ve gotten to know over time, maybe not even being exceptionally attracted to them, but upon a single touch, your body instantaneously reacts. Your heart starts to rapidly beat. Your breath begins to quicken. Then, the feeling of an electrical current runs through you, to the tips of your fingers and toes. Your body tells you what your brain hadn’t caught up with yet: you want this person, and you want them now.

Fireworks. Sparks. Butterflies. Whatever you choose to call them, they arrive uninvited and often at the least likely of times.

How is it that I can one moment be standing in line for a latte without a care in the world, yet a 2-second moment of eye contact with a stranger whose name I’ll never know has left me with that feeling you get when you’re waiting in line for a roller coaster? It’s a mix of mystery and excitement and an aching in your stomach. That craving will only be satiated, momentarily, once you’re able to close your eyes, conjure up a sexy fantasy, and touch yourself till you explode. Or, you can just approach that person and offer them an incredible day of fucking to get out that sexual tension that built up as you randomly glanced at one another across the barista station.

Let’s be real though, the latter scenario doesn’t usually happen for the majority of us, so we’re left to our own devices. We instead let our imaginations wander about the “what if” possibilities. Every single one of us feels them, regardless of age, gender, relationship status, or level of attractiveness. These are the interferences that our brain interjects into those impulsive physical reactions. We wonder what might have occurred if, in that brief moment of chemistry, we were brave enough, confident enough, good enough, or living another life altogether that would end with a fantastic romp with a sexy stranger on a Tuesday afternoon. Or even just with a simple, “hello.”

Would it just be hot sex? Would it be exactly what you needed at that time and place? Would it be a terrible disaster? Would it result in finding a soul mate for life? That’s the problem with intellect. Overanalyzing a FEELING sometimes allows us to take away from its power. There is simply no rationale in whoever each of us feels fireworks with. This is because sexual chemistry is not a logical thing. It is a purely physical magnetism that draws us toward people before our brains can make sense of what is happening. The desire your body feels gradually begins to intoxicate and the sparks between two people explode in your body like when heroin hits the bloodstream. It’s a high that has to be fed with more and more and more and has no substitution, regardless of how impulsive or detrimental it might ultimately be.

For a very long time I’ve understood the intensity of attraction that can happen unexpectedly and beyond self-control. However, if two years ago someone had told me that this feeling of fireworks could be transmitted over the phone or through text messages, I’d have said they were insane. Now, I know better.

There is no amount of logic that can explain away the nervous feeling of butterflies in my stomach when I’m waiting for a man I’ve never met in person to send me a simple “I’m thinking of you” or “Hello, beautiful” message. There’s nothing that can rationalize the endless smile on my face all day, just thinking about a conversation shared long into the early morning hours. It’s futile to try to decipher some meaning behind why one man talking dirty to me over the phone can make me feel nothing, yet another man saying nearly the same exact things to me in a call leaves me with my legs quivering and the type of fogginess and dizziness only multiple orgasms can supply.

Sexual chemistry can ambush us in the most surprising of ways. It’s important to try not to let your brain question the amazing sensuality of those sparks. Don’t allow yourself to pull away because of scenarios of impracticality as to why this thing, whatever it is, wouldn’t work in the “real world.”

Instead, if you’re lucky enough to feel fireworks, be it in person with someone you love or someone you’ve hardly even met or through the phone with a phone sex operator or just a fucking amazing person you somehow crossed paths with in this crazy thing we call life, let yourself fall. Let yourself feel that intensity, experience those sparks, and appreciate the explosion that will shake your entire body and obliterate your sense of reasoning.

When you feel fireworks, allow yourself to appreciate the beauty of it all. Just know, that, like a drug, once you get addicted to the rush, it’s all your body is going to crave.

feeling fireworks
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