Exhibitionism: Do It Like Everyone Is Watching

The Thrill of Exhibitionism

On a recent phone sex call I had a man give me a sexy summer assignment. He challenged me to openly flirt, tempt, and taunt a variety of different married men around me. The catch though, is that it must be done in public. The men would not only be family friends or people that I already know, but also strangers who are out in public; particularly older men out with their wives.Thinking about this “dare,” gets me thinking about a topic I’ve been wanting to write about for a while now: Exhibitionism.

Dipping My Toes Into Exhibitionism

I’ve mildly flirted with exhibitionism in a way that is common. For example, during my visit to Italy last summer I sunbathed topless on the beaches of the Italian Riviera. I’ve been known, along with friends, to do a cute and “innocent” slip of a spaghetti strap top that gives a random guy a quick peek of cleavage or even of a nipple before coyly slipping the top back up with a grin and an “oops.” I’ve gone out in a skirt with no panties on and I’ve often gone out in white tank tops with no bra underneath. Men have a tough time hiding their excitement when they spot an attractive woman whose hard little nipples are pointing straight forward in a tight top, particularly when they can see through it as it clings to my breasts.

exhibitionismI’m not necessarily a PDA type of person when in a relationship. However, I have been known to have sex in a few “semi-public” places: I’ve done the deed in cars, on the beach, on a balcony, in front of plenty of windows, and even gave a hand job in a movie theater once in middle school. I’m sure if I considered it longer, a few more minor things would come along, but nothing too crazy.

While some of these elements have certainly caught some male attention my way, they are also all examples of a “vanilla” form of exhibitionism (well, maybe except for that middle school hand job, but at that age you’ve got to get it in wherever you can, right?!) Speaking to so many men all the time through NiteFlirt, and discovering sexual interests and fantasies of my own, I’m really considering taking up the “dare” that was posed to me by my super sexy caller. Again, nothing I’ve done in public as of yet is particularly extravagant; truly wild exhibitionists would definitely label me an amateur; but I’m here to learn and explore.

Stepping Up the Exhibition Game

To develop as a true exhibitionist, one must rid his or herself of insecurity and inhibition. Those little judgments that go on in our psyche must be pushed to the side. When our minds tell us, “I can’t really do this HERE, can I?” or “but, won’t EVERYONE see?”  and “Is this going to EMBARRASS me?” then we are second guessing our actions and worrying about judgment. In order to enjoy being free and open and exploring sexuality in a more public way, those internal fears and worries need to be overcome by the excitement behind the answers to those questions. One must confidently know that YES, I can do this HERE. YES, anyone or everyone might see me. Finally, NO it’s not going to be embarrassing since I WANT this attention because it excites me. 

If that craving for attention and excitement over being shocking and being seen doesn’t overcome those fears, exhibitionism is probably not for you. However, if, like me, the idea of exhibitionism starts to make you brainstorm different fantasies and ways you can delve into being more sexual in open or shared spaces, then perhaps it’s time to get out there and consider the possibility of the  unknown.

This brings me to my own essential question:
How do I plan to indulge this challenge in becoming more of an exhibitionist? 

That’s where you come in! I want all your thoughts and ideas of how I can best get the attention of older, married men while their wives are around. What are some ways I can be more bold and direct in my teasing of a man I see out in public? Should I vow to not wear panties all summer, and while facing a man, work up the nerve to lift my skirt and sneak him a peek? If I’m standing in front of an older man in line somewhere, should I back up and stick my butt out, then bend over so my ass is pressing right against his crotch so I can feel him grow against my tight ass as he watches and feels me? If I truly want to be more shocking, should I sit close enough to a man in a public place and, with his wife across from him, reach underneath the table where they sit as he tries desperately not to let on that I’m reaching for his cock under the table?

What do you think? Email me your thoughts and suggestions. This summer I’ll continue to report back with sexy updates with stories of how I am putting myself on display or acting on my craving for public, older-male attention. As you consider your thoughts for me, think about what you’d like to see or experience if you were in the shoes of the man I’m putting on a show for:

What would I wear?
Where would we be?
What would be the ultimate tease or flirtatious action?
What scenario would give you jerk off material for life?

I want to be in the minds of every single fucking older man I cross paths with this summer. I want to know that, while he may be bringing home his wife to fuck after seeing me out in public, he’s most certainly imagining and wishing it were ME, the naughty, young, brunette tease that is now the inspiration of his passion and ferocious desires.

In preparation of some of my daring moves this summer, help me with research by listening to some of my favorite exhibitionist audio recordings offered in my goodies store and give me a call on NiteFlirt soon!

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  1. Tim says:

    I’m so glad that my challenge has gotten you so excited and inspired this post. I can’t wait to hear and read about your exploits – and wonder if one of your actions will lead to your tight ass being stuffed with married cock. Mmmmm. Tim

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