Wrist Icicles and Dick Bicycles: Ryder’s Favorite Things

Whether you’re familiar with these sexual slang terms or not, you’ve undoubtedly heard the lyric “wrist icicle, ride dick bicycle” if you listen to popular radio. Regardless of how you feel about the music of Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj, they managed to make these sex terms and actions into common expectation and practice in young adult social circles of today.

Wrist Icicle

wrist icicle dick bicycleWrist Icicles are, to use amore familiar reference, an updated version of a “pearl necklace,” but instead a “pearl bracelet” so to speak. Instead of having cum trickle around your neck to mimic that of a necklace (don’t worry, us girls still like that too!) it’s the act of having your wrist covered with cum after a hot hand job ends. The cum will spill out over the girl’s hand and wrist. Anyone who thinks he doesn’t like hand jobs will change his mind after giving his woman a proper wrist icicle. I dare you not to fall in love.

So, what exactly is so exciting about a hand job when you can just get a blow job or fuck a girl instead? If you don’t know, then you obviously haven’t had a chance to spend some time with me on the phone to walk you through a role play of exactly how I would stroke your cock. While it can’t be argued that the feeling is amazing for a guy to be inside the warm, soft pussy of a girl or to bury his cock deep into a girl’s wet mouth and see her choke on it. Hand jobs, however, provide a very different, but equally visually exciting sensation.

wrist icicle dick bicycle

Both you and the woman stroking you are able to take in every detail about how hard your cock is as it swells in the girl’s hand, how sticky and wet it becomes after leaking out some of that pre-cum, and most deliciously, just how far or high you can shoot your creamy load once youcum. An added bonus is an extra naughty girl like me doing all the work who gets super into what she’s doing. For example, I don’t just pump up and down and wait for a guy to shoot his load. Not only will I change up technique by switching from slow and seductive to fast and filthy, but I’ll also talk dirty to you while sliding your cock up and down the palm of my hand.

If you’ve ever spoken to me, you know that the nastiest things will shockingly come out of my sweet little mouth. Just imagine me talking you through the actions of every stroke of my hand, every time my fingers massage your pre-cum into your thick head, and every time I squeeze at the base of your cock and tell you how hot it’s making me to see your dick growing into the big, rock hard, and most beautiful cock I’ve seen. I’m totally into cock worship, and a hand job is the perfect opportunity to service a cock that deserves some love, care, affection, and release.

After that release, when your cock spurts your thick and yummy load into the air, falling down over the outside of my hand and trickling to my wrist, you’ll have successfully given me that beautiful wrist icicle that I strive for. Lucky for us both, that’s not the end of it. I love showing you how good it tastes, by letting you watch me lick up every drop from my wrist and hand, while you recover and work toward getting hard again for me to practice my next favorite sex act on you!

Dick Bicycle

wrist icicle dick bicycleWhen a girl tells her friends about having a dick bicycle the night before, it means that she’s so fucking sore that she can hardly walk as a result of riding a guy’s dick all night long as though it were a bicycle. Ariana Grande’s song “Side to Side” is about just this; the lyrics “I’ve been here all night, I’ve been here all day, and boy you got me walkin side to side” tells listeners she’s officially and successfully broken away from her Nickelodeon tween days, you know… since she’s released a song simply about riding dick so fucking good. If your daughters, or nieces, or whomever are a fan of that song or of Ariana, you better watch out: that girl has officially become curious about getting dick so hard and deep that it will break her.

I’ve always been addicted to being on top during sex. I know this is usually the time during a phone call that guys will ask me, “is this why you call yourself Ryder?” Um, no. My name actually IS Ryder (and no, my last name is NOT “Doll”). Trust me, any comment you can make about me being a good little “cock Ryder/Rider” has already been made to me since my middle school years, so please spare me the comparison! However, I’m the first to admit that it hasn’t hurt me in terms of business to have a name that immediately associates me to an incredibly hot and erotic sexual position. Maybe my name is what got me predisposed to this being my favorite position? If so, please don’t tell my mommy or daddy that they’re responsible for that particular aspect of my personality (*wink*).

In all serious though, what could be hotter for a man than having a sexy, young, tight girl like me on his dick all night long, riding his cock like I’m riding in the goddamn Tour de France? I love to drive a guy completely crazy, but also have my passion be met with his passion. So while I’m riding that dick all night and day, he’s working just as hard to thrust up into me, guide my body up his shaft and slam me down hard, forcing all that length and thickness deep inside my tight little wet hole. I want to leave your bed (or wherever it is you were lucky enough to fuck me)completely disheveled, totally sore between my legs, and aching from being fucked so hard that I can’t walk straight.

wrist icicle dick bicycle

What’s Your Favorite?

Now that I’ve shared a couple of the latest things I love to do, both in my real sex life and on the phone through NiteFlirt, what are some of your favorites? If you had to choose between giving me a slippery, wet, and thick stringy load on my wrist then watch me lick it off OR having me bouncing up and down on your shaft all night, forcing me to explain to my girlfriends how you got me walking side to side the next day, which would you choose?

wrist icicle dick bicycleThere’s only one right answer as far as I’m concerned: why choose when you can have both!

Now that I’m completely wet between my legs and your cock is bursting out of your pants (that is, if your pants are even still on), pick up the phone and call my listing on NiteFlirt. If you thought reading this blog was hot, you will lose your fucking mind when you hear what I’m capable of doing to you over the phone. If I’m not currently available for a call, checkout my “Cock Worship” audio to edge you and make you explode.

Where did the inspiration from this blog come from? Watch the UNBELIEVABLY SEXY video by Ariana Grande feat. Nicki Minaj for the song “Side to Side.” Just do me ONE favor? Don’t blow your load before you get the chance to call me! hehe.

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