In the Mood: Ryder’s “Sexy Time” Playlist

I love a good sex playlist. In fact, I’ve found that sex and music are two things that just about anyone you’ll ever meet will agree are necessary to a fulfilling life, and when combined can bring an already steamy moment to new levels of excitement. Being the sexually explorative and adventurous young woman I am, it doesn’t take much to get me in the mood for sex. However, just as with anyone, there are certain triggers that will always set the tone for some exceptional sexy time. A fun and steamy sex playlist is one of them!

Music, Passion, and Sex

One of my true passions, aside from sex itself, is music. It’s not something that comes up very often as a topic of conversation when I take calls on NiteFlirt. I’m sure there’s a difference between the type of music that I listen to versus that of many of my “gentlemen callers” who are much older than I am.

Aside from just simply being a huge music fan of various genres, I truly believe that music is one of the sexiest forms of entertainment on the planet. Yes, images, whether they are pieces of art, erotic movies, or glossy high fashion pictures in magazines, can all be aphrodisiacs. However, what we hear can be just as sensual, hot, and intoxicating as what we are seeing when our partner is in front of us. If you’re a fan of phone sex like I am, then you already know this though, don’t you? hehe.

Setting a Crazy, Sexy Mood

I’ve never felt anything but absolutely, crazy sexy and free when on the dance floor! There’s just something so freeing to move my body in sequence with a song, hips swaying from side to side. I get lost in the euphoria of that contagious vibe going around the club, and my hands start slowly and sensually running down my body as though it’s just me and the music.

In moments like these, I’ve had my body pressed against strangers, grinding against me, eyes making contact, and hands all over me. The music creates an escape for us all, as the DJ pumps his own sex playlist to keep us moving. I’ve even had some of the best fucking sex of my life to sounds coming from a party or sex playlist and some of the most intimate love making to an artist or song that just continuously gets me wet between my legs. 

Sex Playlist

In a little bit of a departure from my usual blog musings, I am inspired to share some of my favorite songs to add to any sex playlist that will get you in the mood. All I ask is that you keep an open mind and be willing to explore music you might be unfamiliar with!

Whether it’s during a fuck-session, while you’re sneaking away to stroke during some private “you” time, or to get you pumped up before/during/after giving ME a call on NiteFlirt, I hope you find something you love. I hope that you take my advice and seek out some of my favorite sexy songs that get me going every time. 

Ryder’s Sex Playlist


10. Ride by Ciara feat. LudacrisSex Playlist

You kinda can’t go wrong with a slow tempo R&B song about how good a sexy girl is gonna ride it, right? This is the type of song that empowers a woman to take control over her man and have the absolute confidence in knowing “he loves the way I ride it.”

Being on top is my absolute favorite position (among a long list of favorite positions hehe), so this song definitely makes it onto my sex playlist for when I’m feeling frisky and rowdy and needing to take a guy just how I want to.

9. Crazy Bitch by Buckcherry

Sex PlaylistAs you’ll tell by this list, I’m a much bigger fan of R&B, Pop, and Hip Hop than I am of rock music. However, this particular song is not only on most of my workout and running playlists, it’s the song I fantasize about giving a very special guy an insanely hot striptease and lap dance to.

Of course, that would lead up to him throwing me down and losing complete control, letting absolutely go of any inhibitions while fucking hard, rough, and dirty. If you put this on your sex playlist, a fuck hungry girl like me will be eating out of the palm of your hand. 


8. Kiss It Better by Rihanna

Rihanna is my everything when it comes to music worship, and it’s tough to narrow down her sexy songs, so she’s on my sex playlist twice. This song is off of her newest album and quickly has become one of my favorite songs of hers. On a literal level this song is about a complicated relationship that seems to be falling apart, and needing to work toward piecing it back together. However, I cannot listen to “Kiss It Better” without needing to make out with someone, have his hands all over my body, and completely have him bury his head between my legs for hours.Sex Playlist

To me the double meaning of “kiss it better” has more to it than putting a bandaid on a torn relationship. The entire vibe of this song is seeping with sexual energy. This is obviously a testament to Rihanna herself who oozes sex appeal in everything she does. As many of my callers can attest, when you’re addicted to that one person, nothing is gonna do it for you other than them. As Rihanna says in this song, “no one else gonna get it like that, you here to take me back, who cares when it feels like crack?” 


7. The Hills by The Weeknd

The only other artist that is on my sex playlist twice is Sex PlaylistThe Weeknd. His 2015 album is a raunchy sex album in itself. Yet, it’s this song that gets sexier the more you listen to it and discover its meaning. This song is a kind of unapologetic musing from who is after nothing more than pussy. In turn, it highlights that the girls he fucks only really want him for sex, too.

I love the honest portrayal of knowingly putting the priority of getting off far above that of making personal connections or relationships. It’s true to how life sometimes is. Lyrics like “I only call you when it’s half past five, the only time I’d ever call you mine” and “I’m just tryin’ to live life for the moment and all these motherfuckers want a real love” speak volumes.

Sometimes we just want to fuck for the sake of fucking, and this song’s lyrics and beat invite listeners to join in on accepting ourselves for the sexual, horny, and fucked up creatures that we all have the tendency to be.


6. Darling Nikki by Prince

This particular song speaks to me because it’s very much about fantasy, beginning with an image of “Nikki” that the singer uses to masturbate to. His fantasy escalates due to the intoxication he has felt because of this woman’s power over his body and mind. I feel like this song is somewhat championing sex workers, whether intentionally or not in how “Darling Nikki” is there whenever he needs to fuck or jerk off. She will be there to meet his needs as her note states, “call me up whenever you want to grind.”Sex Playlist

Nikki can be there physically, but it’s the mental image of her, her apparent superiority to other women, and her mere existence which has driven this man to madness and opened his eyes to sexually empowered women running the show. The music itself is erotic, hypnotizing, and perfect to dance and have some dirty fuck sessions to. To me, that’s the perfect criteria to make it onto a hot sex playlist. 


Sex Playlist5. Partition by Beyonce

This song from my generations music “queen” will get me in the mood 100% of the time. The woman in the song gets ready to hit the club with her girls, but her man just loses control when he sees her and needs to have her before she can make it out the door. The beat is erotic and worthy to ride a man’s cock to.  The pace of the song builds throughout, slowing down again into the perfect hip grinding and climactic rhythms essential for a sex playlist. Even if you think you don’t like Beyonce, I dare you not to get hard listening to this song.


4. Good for You by Selena Gomez

Sex PlaylistI could easily make a sex playlist of sultry and sexy Selena Gomez songs, so narrowing down to just one wasn’t easy. Honorable mention goes to the obvious “Hands to Myself,” the sweaty club rendition of “Slow Down,” or the dripping with sex, “Come and Get It.”

I’m sure not a whole lot of grown men think of her music as anything more than radio-friendly hits. However, Selena has solidified her place in the music industry as one of the most outgoing, sexually expressive, and stimulating artists.

Her songs are dripping with seduction, most notably “Good for You.” Every time I hear this song, I just want to roll around in my bed and slip my hands between my legs, fantasizing about whoever I’m crushing on at the moment and all the ways I can look and be good for him in bed. Much like Selena Gomez in this song, “I just wanna show you how proud I am to be yours and leave this dress a mess on the floor.” I can absolutely make you trust me that I’ll take you there, and that I’ll give it to you so hard during this song that you’ll never want to leave.


3. Motivation by Kelly Rowland feat. Lil WayneSex Playlist

I’m very confident that none of you would need that extra push of motivation if you were having sex with me. Yet there’s something so sensual and stunning about this descriptive song of encouragement by Kelly Rowland to the guy who’s giving it to her good. From telling him when to go faster, when to slow down, when to keep hitting that right spot, when to switch positions, and more, she reminds her man that “baby I’m gonna be your motivation.”

In short, it’s so fucking hot. Anyone on the edge of complete ecstasy would find themselves following along to “Motivation” on their sex playlist in a way that the music, lyrics, and soulfulness within the song enhances your sexy-time together.


2. Earned it by The Weeknd

What kind of respectful woman Sex Playlistwould I be if I didn’t put aside the “bitches” and “hoes” songs for one that’s a true love-making ballad. Nothing makes a girl more ready and willing to spread her legs than being told she’s beautiful, perfect, and worth every single thing in the world.

I mean, compliments even trump money and gifts when it comes to getting me all tingly and ready to go. Lyrics like “I’m gonna care for you, cause girl you’re perfect, you’re always worth it, and you deserve it, the way you work it, cause girl you’ve earned it” lets The Weeknd’s muse become confident that she’s about to have some incredible orgasms. Her man is all about pleasing her.

This song has been solidified as a sexy tune thanks to being included on the “50 Shades of Grey” movie soundtrack. However, it’s truly a credit to The Weeknd’s ability to use the smoothness of his voice and seduction of his music to get any man or woman ready to go a few rounds. “Earned It” is a perfect addition to any sex playlist that’s looking to get a girl extra dripping wet for you.


1. Rude Boy by RihannaSex Playlist

Back to my favorite bad girl, RiRi, this is one of the hottest songs on the planet to me. It’s a big club and dance hit, making it ideal to move your body to. My friends and I have it on just about every single playlist for our life. However, it’s truly the perfect song to fuck to, making it to the top of my sex playlist must-haves.

It’s all about both partners completely taking what they want from one another in the moment and not letting anything hold them back. She tells her “Rude Boy” that “tonight I’m gonna let you be the captain, I’m gonna let you do your thing” and that she’s gonna “give it to you harder and gonna turn your body out.”

The acoustics of vocals and a sexy, repetitive chorus and beat are perfect for a long night together of ongoing fucking. This is the exact kind of song that makes me extremely eager to hop on top and give my man the ride of his life.

What’s on Your Sex Playlist?

Those are my top ten songs that make MY sex playlist. I hope you follow the links to the videos and check them out as you picture you and I together. I would love to not only hear some of your thoughts about MY list, but curious about what songs would make YOUR fuck-time, crazy steamy, sex playlist. Either tweet me some suggestions @FlirtRyderDoll or message or call me on NiteFlirt with your own sexy song titles or artists who get you in the mood!
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