Good Girl Gone Bad


I’ve always wondered what most guys found hotter – the good girl or the bad girl? My whole life i’ve been a “good girl” as far as anyone could see. Aside from the general girl-next-door, innocent, and youthful look that I have, I’ve always been the girl who did things I was “supposed” to do. I very rarely got in trouble at home because I wasn’t a “problem child,” my teachers at school adored me cause I always got my work in on time and was an enthusiastic motivator for the less academically-inclined, and all my friends’ parents trusted me as the well-behaved girl they thought I was.

What’s funny is, inside my mind I always thought of myself as a “naughty” or “bad” girl. I would lay in bed at night and fantasize about performing sexual acts not only on the boys from school, but on the teachers or guidance counselors as well. When my friends and I had sleepovers, I was the one who would encourage us to look up dirty words, naked pictures, or pornographic videos on the internet. Better yet, when I was 13 I had sex for the first time with an “older” boy (he was 17) and at age 16 I had a full-fledged affair with a much older man (he was 43) who was married.Angel

These are not the actions one would typically associatewith a “good girl.” Furthermore, as all my friends have been off from school and returning to their crappy retail and minimum wage holiday seasonal jobs, I’m working on NiteFlirt making guys cum by saying the nastiest things imaginable as I suck their wallets dry. I have absolutely no moral question-mark about the things that I say; I have no internal struggle about “right” vs. “wrong,” nor do I have any desire to stop making money this way anytime soon. In fact, I fucking love it. I love getting off on the phone and hearing about what gets each of the guys I talk to off. I love that I have a placeto act out my wildest fantasies, my nastiest dreams, and be the perfect combination of a slutty little teen and tempting cock-tease all at the same time, and without the shame that’s attached to being that way in “real life.”

It’s funny cause talking to so many guys on the phone through NiteFlirt constantly brings up the question of “real” vs. “fake.” Some guys will automatically assume that every single girl on the site is lying, because (they ask) – “why would a hot 19-year-old girl actually want to talk to a guy twice her age?” and “why would you want to talk to losers when you could have any guy you want?” Well – for me, the answer is easy: for one, I prefer older guys to boys my age; secondly, I love sex and love talking about it all the fucking time… something you can’t do in “real” life when the expectation is for you to be a sweet, innocent, well-behaved girl all the time.

Sure, guys say thegoodbad1y WANT a girl who is DTF (down-to-fuck, for those of you not up on the slang, hehe), but the second you make a request for something even slightly “taboo” to typical mainstream people, they are horrified! If being on NiteFlirt has taught me one thing it’s not to waste my time in life being ashamed of how sexual I am and hiding it from guys. YES, I *am* a good girl: I go to a good school, get all A’s, have a healthy  relationship with my family, and have a ton of great friends who know they can rely on me. HOWEVER, I also *am* who I *am* – I love guys twice my age cause they take the time to appreciate being with a hot and tight girl and I think that’s hot. Also, I have a dirty fucking mouth and I am not going to apologize for it. Then there’s the fact that I love anal sex and when a guy cums on my body I want to either lick some of it up or rub it all over myself sometimes.

Yes, I’m a dirty fucking girl. I’m also a good girl. What’s funny is that I think most girls are like this, but it’s society that makes us feel ashamed of it. Finding a girl who is comfortable enough in her own skin to share both of these sides with you means you hit the goddamn jackpot, discovered the Holy Grail, and need to hold on to her tight because you’re in for a wild ride. Or, you just need to repeatedly call her and tell her how great she is and make her cum over, and over, and over again! 😉

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