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Oral Sex Fixations: Food as Foreplay and Why Our Mouths Are So Hot

Oral (Sex) Appreciation I think we all have parts of ourselves that we love and like to draw attention to. For me, my whole life I’ve been complimented on my mouth. Not just my lips, which are full, pink, and deliver the kinda bratty pout that makes men fall to their knees, but my whole …

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We’re All Gonna Laugh At You: The Basics of Verbal Erotic Humiliation

Erotic Humiliation Over the Phone Erotic humiliation is a psychological form of humiliation that creates sexual pleasure. This can be in both verbal and physical forms of humiliation by a dominant toward his or her submissive. In real life relationships between dominants and their subs, a lot of time and discussion is dedicated to establishing boundaries …


Arched Soles & Pretty Little Toes: Exploring the Foot Fetish

The World’s Most Popular Fetish Earlier this month I put up a Twitter Poll asking when people thought a woman’s feet were at their sexiest. Much to my delight, my personal favorite answer, “while wearing stilettos” won the poll, coming in at 34% of the vote. I’m always interested in the various fetishes I get …


Knee Socks & Knickers: Exploring The Schoolgirl Fetish

Ain’t No Shame in the Schoolgirl Game Let me paint you a mental picture: Imagine a youthful-looking beauty. She’s wearing a pleated micro mini-skirt, tight white knee-high stockings, a white button-down shirt with no attempt to keep it buttoned, tied up to show off her midriff.  This innocent little creature wears her hair in pigtails, …